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Kutani Ware 'Hotei' (布袋) Buddha, Japan 1930s

art 1783
€1 200,00
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Product Details

Exceptionally beautiful Okimono (置物) of Hotei (布袋).

Technique Used: Kutani Moriage / Satsuma-ware.

This Hotei is dated to around the 1930s.

Dimensions: Height 44 cm, Width 28 cm, Depth 27 cm. Weight: 6.3 kg. In perfect condition.

Kutani Moriage is a style of Japanese porcelain known for its intricate, raised enamel decorations. "Moriage" refers to the technique of adding extra layers of enamel to create raised, three-dimensional designs on the porcelain surface. Kutani Moriage ware often features colorful and highly detailed motifs, including landscapes, birds, flowers, and other intricate patterns. This style of porcelain is highly regarded for its artistic craftsmanship and has a long history, with the production of Kutani porcelain dating back to the 17th century in Japan.

Hotei is a figure from Japanese folklore and one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology. He is often depicted as a joyful, calm monk with a plump belly and a big smile. Hotei symbolizes happiness, abundance, and contentment and is associated with prosperity and wealth. He is often seen with a bag from which he distributes gifts and blessings.

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