Terms and Conditions

Article 1: General provisions

This e-commerce webshop offers its customers the opportunity to purchase the products from its web store online. These General Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply to every order placed by a visitor to this e-commerce webshop (“Customer”). Additional terms and conditions of the Customer are excluded, unless they have been explicitly accepted in writing in advance.

Article 2: Price

All prices quoted are in euros and, unless otherwise stated, including VAT. If delivery, reservation or administrative costs are charged, this will be stated separately. The indication of price applies exclusively to the articles as described verbally. The accompanying photos are decorative and may contain elements that are not included in the price.


Article 3: Offer

Despite the fact that the online catalog and the e-commerce webshop are compiled with the greatest possible care, it is nevertheless possible that the information provided is incomplete, contains material errors, or is not up-to-date. Apparent mistakes or errors in the offer are not binding. The seller is in no way liable in the event of manifest material errors, typesetting or printing errors. If the Customer has specific questions about, for example, sizes, color, availability, delivery time or delivery method, we ask the Customer to contact our customer service in advance. The offer is always valid while supplies last and can be adjusted or withdrawn at any time. The seller cannot be held liable for the unavailability of a product.


Article 4: Online purchases

The Customer has the choice between bank transfer or credit card as payment methods. The seller is entitled to refuse an order due to a serious shortcoming on the part of the Customer with regard to orders in which the Customer is involved.


Article 5: Delivery and implementation of the agreement

Any visible damage and / or qualitative shortcoming of an item or other shortcoming in the delivery must be reported by the Customer immediately. The risk of loss or damage is transferred to the Customer from the moment he (or a third party designated by him, who is not the carrier) has physically taken possession of the goods.


Article 6: Retention of title

The delivered items remain the exclusive property of the seller until the moment of full payment by the Customer.

Article 7: Right of withdrawal


The provisions of this article only apply to Customers who purchase articles online in their capacity as consumer. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days, unless stated otherwise, without giving reasons, given that the right of withdrawal applies to the goods or services ordered by the customer. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must notify the seller in a timely and unambiguous statement (eg in writing by post or e-mail) of his decision to withdraw from the contract. The Customer must return or hand over the goods immediately after his decision to revoke the agreement. The direct costs of returning the goods will be borne by the Customer unless otherwise agreed. If the value of the returned product is reduced in any way, the right is retained to hold the Customer liable and claim compensation for any depreciation. Only items that are in the original packaging, together with all accessories, instructions for use and invoice or proof of purchase can be taken back. In the event that the agreement includes the provision of services and if the Client has requested that the provision of services commence during the withdrawal period, the Client will pay an amount that is proportional to what he informed us at the time that he had the agreement has already been canceled, compared to the full implementation of the agreement. “

If the returned product is in any way diminished in value, the right is retained to hold the Customer liable and claim compensation for any diminished value. Only articles that are in the original packaging, together with all accessories, instructions for use and invoice or proof of purchase can be taken back.

In the event that the contract includes the provision of services and if the Customer has requested that the provision of services commence during the withdrawal period, the Customer will pay an amount in proportion to the amount at the time when he informed us that he the agreement has already been delivered, compared to the full performance of the agreement. ”

Article 8: Warranty

Under the law of 21 September 2004 on the protection of consumers when selling consumer goods, the consumer has legal rights. This legal guarantee applies from the date of delivery to the first owner. To invoke the guarantee, the Customer must be able to provide proof of purchase. The (commercial and / or legal) guarantee never applies to defects that arise as a result of accidents, neglect, falls, use of the item contrary to the purpose for which it was designed, non-compliance with the instructions for use or manual, adjustments or changes to the item, heavy use, poor maintenance, or any other abnormal or incorrect use.


Article 9: Applicable law

Belgian law applies. The courts of the Seller's place of residence have jurisdiction in legal disputes. 

Article 10: Provisions for the sale of textiles (kimono, haori).

We advise against washing your kimono YOURSELF (at your own risk).

Kimono enthusiasts who have purchased an authentic kimono should preferably have them washed by professionals.

If your kimono falls under these categories, you should not wash the kimono yourself: Silk kimono, Shibori kimono, Kimono with decorations such as embroidery, Kimono with lining, Vintage kimono, Antique kimono. There is a risk of the kimono shrinking even if you simply soak it in water. If your kimono is expensive or antique, have it handled by a professional service. We recommend taking your silk kimono to a dry cleaner.

Handwash kimono: 

DISCLAIMER: Taking your silk kimono to the dry cleaner is the only way to ensure it receives the proper care. If you must handwash yours, these instructions from kimono enthusiasts on the internet may help. However, please be aware that if you choose to wash the kimono yourself, you do so at your own risk. Fill a bucket with cool water. Stir in a small drop of mild, non-alkaline detergent or baby shampoo, if needed. If the water in your area is hard, add some Borax substitute to soften it. Place your kimono in the bucket and gently swirl it around for a minute or two, avoiding scrubbing or letting it soak for too long. Rinse the kimono gently to remove all soap residue. Hang the kimono outside to dry on a hanger, away from direct sunlight. Do not wring it out, do not tumble dry it, and do not iron it, as this will damage the fabric. Ensure it is completely dry before folding and storing it. 

N.B. If your kimono has a dark or red lining, we advise against handwashing it, as the color may bleed and stain the outer fabric. 

After purchase (both online and in our physical stores), we are not responsible for poorly washed, ironed, discolored, or shrunken kimonos or haori. 

De klant wast de aangekochte kimono/haori volledig op eigen risico.

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