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Welcome to Black Market Antiques, your premier destination for Japanese furniture in Antwerp. Discover the beautiful world of Japanese furniture and let yourself be enchanted by the functionality and beauty they bring to your interior.

In Japan, furniture served three main purposes: sleeping and sitting, praying, and storage. At Black Market Antiques, we have an extensive range of tables, including zataku, chabudai, ozen, kadai, and writing tables. Each piece is carefully crafted and embodies the timeless beauty of Japanese design.

In addition, we offer various Tansu cabinets that are perfect for storage and organization. Explore our collection and discover the versatility of Kaidan Tansu, Isho Tansu, Katana Tansu, Choba Tansu (similar to a filing cabinet), Kusuri Tansu (known as a medical cabinet), Mizuya Tansu, Funa Tansu (ship chests), and Kuruma Tansu (cabinet on wheels).

In addition to these furniture pieces, you will also find hibachi in various sizes, board games such as GO or Shougidai, jewelry boxes (haribako), and much more. Each item in our collection is carefully selected to ensure authenticity and quality.

At Black Market Antiques, we believe in creating a unique shopping experience for our customers. Whether you are a collector, an interior enthusiast, or simply looking for a special piece for your home, we are here to assist you.

Transform your interior with the elegance and functionality of Japanese furniture. Visit our webshop and discover the beautiful world of Japanese design and culture at Black Market Antiques.

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